Johnny Buffit's Auto Emporium
515A South 1st Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 Ph: (414) 271.8161

At Johnny Buffit's Auto Emporium
we aim to give you the best Auto Detailing experience and Auto Glass Service .

We offer competitive pricing on Auto Glass Replacement. All new glass installation comes with a Lifetime Warranty. CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE//WINDSHIELD CHIP REPAIR//WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENT 414-271-8161

From washing to waxing, our full-service detailing shop offers quality workmanship for all cars, boats, recreational vehicles and motorcycles. We also provide services for high end vehicles as well as show cars. Our specialists put alot of time into detailing vehicles and use the finest detailing products. Buffing is a process that can bring a high glossy shine to a dull or scratched vehicles paints finish.

A high speed buffing machine is used along with different polishes, waxes, glazes and compounds.

 I am not a car guy. I am also a bit of a slob. So with the impending arrival of my sister in law, my wife gave me marching orders: Get this rattletrap of a car cleaned. I threw a dart at a map and came up with Johnny Buffit's Auto Emporium.

I can't begin to explain the wonders of this place. John Wohlfard, who got the nickname Johnny Buffitt because of how diligent he was in buffing cars, runs the place. The first thing I noticed was the customer service. He said it would be about five hours and offered to give me a ride anywhere I wanted to go. I picked a nearby restaurant and sat with my Kindle, reading and drinking coffee.

When I returned, I thought I had the wrong car. It was absolutely spectacular. When I say better than a new car, I mean it. Everything was as clean as whistle. The price was very reasonable, and when I took it home, my wife came rushing out, looked through the car and asked when I had bought a new car just for her sister in law. Safe to say I was very happy man.

Johnny Buffitt has just moved into a new location at 515 S. 1st St. in the Third Ward. The number is 271-8161, and it's the best call you will ever make. – Dave Begel